Mission of Peace Making Society (MPM) is registered in New Delhi, India. Under Societies Registration Act of 1860, on October 5, 2007. MPM is registered to operate in All the States and Union Territories of India but we are focusing Uttarakhand, Uttarpradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Odisha states. Visit us on Facebook click MPM and GMU



We conduct Teaching Learning Events to educate communities on various subjects, and establish charitable Christian Institutions of education, and training men and women who can serve schools, seminaries, daycare centers, and churches. Visit RTI.


We preach and teach the Holy Bible and spread the knowledge of the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ as permitted by the Indian Constitution and will be subject to all other related laws.


We strive to make peace between individuals, families, communities, societies and organizations by taking initiatives and providing platforms for the amicable iteration. By establishing hospitals, health Child Care Centers (CCC), to work towards building healthy, and peaceful Society.

Economic Development:

We give guidance to establish income generating initiatives, to garner and make resources available in the form of micro financing to run income generating initiatives. To teach men and women work ethic and biblical pattern of six days of work and a day of rest and worship in order to have a healthy economy. to serve the poor and underprivileged irrespective of caste creed and religion.

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