Gramin Mahila Udyog (GMU)

Motherly approach is indigenous in India, “Ma”(mother) is seen as a person who is most friendly, and next to god in Indian culture; knowing this fact MPM brings this new approach to the mission field. Healing broken hearts through teamwork of the motherly Indian women. This effort is now called GMU. With the guidance of local churches, and friends. Though the Indian urban community is much more influenced with international worldview yet the most effective counseling can be done in India through Indians. Therefore, GMU has taken steps to train Indian teenage girls, mature, and older women with the reformed perspective to serve Indian women under GMU.

GMU is complementing MPM’s third goal-objective namely, Peacemaking. May the Lord guide GMU, and enable her to give faithful leadership, and minister women of our nation to bring them to peace with God.

Focus Area

GMU focuses on the women, and teenagers to the older women from Selected Cities, Villages and Hamlets.

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Mission Operation

  • Regular E-Walk, and friendship building to know the needs of teenage girls and women
  • Income generating training

Partners GMU Teams

  • Dehradun and Herbertpur, Uttarakhand
  • Pathankot, Punjab
  • Kala Aam, Himach Pradesh
  • Lousingha, Aghalpur and Balangir, Odisha