We hold to the Holy Bible as our only source of faith. And learn reformed historical Christian Faith through the Creeds & Reformed Confessions.

Faith In Action

We believe that God created the World perfect and without any hint of suffering and death. He created mature man and created a woman out of man making them suitable equal partners.

We believe that Man and Women caused pain, tears, hunger and hatred by disobeying God.

We believe that God in his eternal decree knew man would cause himself death so He made the covenant promise and established the way of redemption for His people.

We believe every single human being is descendant of one man and woman who were created in the image of God and were given dominion over all the living creation of God. Therefore human life is special and cannot be seen with a comparison of one being higher or the others lower but they all are equal and fall short of the glory of God.

We believe that there is hope for everyone, and life can be transformed and on the other hand we also believe that life can be harmed (of self and of the others’) if one is inspired by the wrong philosophies.

We believe that single faithful human being with sacrificial and helpful life style can bring change and transformation in his surroundings and community, it is not necessary to have a multitude of people to bring that change.

We believe that change can come, and will come, when one views life in the right perspective and acts accordingly.

We believe that life is best enjoyed and lived by living in the right guidance of good parents, teachers, guardians, and friends.

We believe life will be full of true joy, peace and hope when one would know his Creator God and honors his precepts in his heart, mind, strength and soul accepting Christ as the only saviour.

We believe God is good all the time. He gives us hope, and strength to fight the evil in this world. We shall do whatever we can to show our concern for the fellow human beings in times of need. We also believe that God cares for the human beings. And He is engaged (with us) in restoring his creation through the acts of good teaching, mercy and charities.

We believe that suffering, pain and miseries of this world will come to an end, but we don’t need to remain silent but keep working towards a better society and healthy world.

We believe “Jesus Christ came to serve and not to be served” in the world of ours.

We believe that there will come a time (we work towards that day) when there will be no more tears and sufferings but we will have eternal joy, peace and harmony with each other and God Himself.