Our Goal

Church-planting is our goal. To facilitate church planting, we have a four-fold EEPE objective.
Namely: Education, Evangelism, Peacemaking & Economic-development. Our church plants are called Evangelical Reformed Church.


Secular School tuition assistance is given to the needy children based on the observation of MPM director’s assessment. Education is offered in the form of free private tuitions. We conduct four Teaching Learning Events (TLEs) in various mission fields over the period of each year and learn the needs of certain places to prayerfully assist in the needful areas. This is very successful program in India.

Under this objective we also run Reformed Theological Institute (RTI) and a Reformed & Presbyterian Publishing (R&P) to produce needful literature.


It is a church-based program and we promote the whole gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and his work of salvation for all cultures, societies and communities irrespective of their religion.


Peacemaking is counseling and reconciliation. It has been the case that there are many families, communities and individuals that need friendship and timely guidance to move on into their lives. By the grace of God we are able to be there for needy individuals with needed friendships and words of encouragement. This also includes our prison theological education in partnership with Crossroad Bible Institute (CBI). We also have organized work of counseling called Gramin Mahila Udayog (GMU). Facebook GMU

Economic Development

We strive to promote a healthy work ethic in India by teaching as well as showing model hard-working life style through our lives so that people may learn to work and earn wages so that they can also learn to give to the needy among them. We have three ongoing small scale businesses and we provide needed financial assistance to people whom our director’s team assesses on certain organized patterns.

Work Flow Chart: With many prayers and laborious mission work we can witness God planting his Church in any given area: