Care Center in Odisha

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MPM supports 20 children at Child Care Center in Odisha also known as Dayasagar Children’s Home. We provide these kids with shelter, food, and schooling. They attend one of the government schools in the area. This center is in Odisha State of India.

The kids are doing well, some have gone back home, the new ones are in. These children come from poor persecuted church backgrounds.

1. Indian Rs. 1900 covers each child’s entire monthly needs.

2. CCC is in a rented building.

We prayerfully want to share this need, help us get CCC her own facility- building. The newly organized churches known as the Evangelical Reformed Church (ERC) in Odisha oversee the project. This building also can be used with some modifications for other training purposes especially for the tribal community leadership development in the state of Odisha, and as a worship place for ERC, as well as MPM regional office.

Rev. Anup Arun Hiwale
National Director

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