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Books: Click: – Simplified Reformed Theology, Hindi Confessions 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Music: Click: – Introduction by Mrs. Promila Hiwale | Shantikaraja Aaa Raha Hai | Neele Gagan Me Chamke hai Tare


Reformed Publishing produces quality literature. Presently we have: Material for Theological Teaching, Sunday Schools Teaching and for Teaching Learning Events, as well as Music CDs.

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For Music CDs, contact OM Bookstore Dehradun. Or you can listen for free by clicking the links.

Our Literature is in English, Hindi, and Marathi.

We presently have:

1. Hindi and Marathi Reformed and Ecumenical Confessions

2. Sunday School Catechism in English and Hindi

3. “Systematic Theology Made Simple” in English right now with a publisher

Our Musical CD Album is called “Songs in Praise of The Prince of Peace.” It has ten songs taken from Hindi Old Hymns. Singers are Rev. Hiwale and Rev. Rajesk Dongriyal.

Songs are: (Click to download and listen to the songs. You can also send us gifts if you like the songs.)

1. Introduction by Mrs. Promila Hiwale

2. Shantikaraja Aaa Raha Hai (The Prince of Peace in arriving) Rev. Hiwale

3. Neele Gagan Me Chamke hai Tare (Let us shine like starts in the blue sky)