December 2015

  1. MPM was able to train 59 women this year with sewing, and gave sewing machines to all of these women.
  2. We had new batch of Reformed Theological Institute students, started this October 2015.
  3. MPM had given oversight, and free help to care for Nepal Earthquake victims from May 2015 to December 2015.
  4. MPM has plans to fix 2kms long water pipe-line for Hill area poor families, this will fetch water from a mountain spring.
  5. We had medical camps for needy sick from various hill hamlets, hundreds benefited
  6. MPM gave wheel-chairs to needy, with the help of CHGN
  • Pray that year 2016 may be a blessing to MPM
  • MPM plans of various things, mainly working on developing Reformed Theological Institute with huge impact on common young people to help them in their social needs
  • Pray for National Director and his family for their good health and responsibilities
National Director
National Director’s Family

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