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January 2014

It’s our joy to inform our prayer partners, and friends that MPM will work this year of the following projects:

1) Theological Training for Evangelical Reformed Church; 2) Entrepreneurship for village women (GMU); 3) Child Care Center; and 4) Medical Camps for villagers

Our Needs are:

1) Pray for MPM; 2) Come and Visit our mission field; 3) Give your sacrificial donations

Thank You so much.

National Director – MPM

Praise Points

Praise Points

1. Evangelical Reformed Church gets organized with the help of MPM

2. MPM Gets Needful Financial Support

3. Improved counseling program gets up and running for many village women & teen age girls

4. New work started in five places at the foot-hills of himalayas

Prayer Points

1. Hiwale Family need one more semester to complete the needful training in the USA

2. Pray for TLEs,  GMU, CCC, and RTI Sessions in January to June 2014

3. Pray for MPM’s New Staff and Fresh Faithful Team-Members